Introduction: The Easter Waterproof Flower Pot

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If you're stuck at home and you're beautiful Spring flower just sprouted and you have to stay 6 feet away from your neighbors. Well, problem solved with the materials listed down below you won't even have to worry about the COVID-19 getting in your old body! This flower pot will give you comfort no matter what you're going through!



Black electrical tape.

A knife or scissors.

Wax paper.

a pencil and ruler for measurements.

a colorful sheet of paper (of your choice).

Step 1: Construct Your Frame

For this step, you will take any piece of firm cardboard and cut it into an 11 by 4-inch section. Now you will take that pice and lightly bend the cardboard to form into a more precise cylinder. After that, you will take this section and tape one end to the other to create a near-perfect cylinder.

Step 2: Create a Base

Now we will create a base to your cylinder. To do this you will need a pen and a piece of cardboard that is wide enough to fit the base of the cylinder. Then take your pen and sketch the bottom of the center of your cylinder. Now cut out your trace and take it to the bottom of your cylinder. Now your frame should be complete!

Step 3: Make It Waterproof

Now for this step, you will need a piece of wax paper that should be about 10 by 12-inches. Next, you will carefully put this paper directly to the bottom without ripping it. Then you will tape the top and sides as tight as you can with your tape so there are no extra flaps on the sides or anywhere, This needs to be as flat as you can make it.

Step 4: Color It

For this step, you will need a piece of paper you think looks good with your pot and cut it to the dimensions of your pot. Then you will take a piece of tape and place it so the sticky part of the tape faces outward so that you can strap it on without any sign of tape on the outside.

Step 5: Finnish on Up

Now you will place a piece of tape around the top ring of the pot and secure any extra place where the cardboard might just show. Next just as you did before, you will sketch a piece out by tracing around the pot and cutting out that trace. Finally, you will tape this to the bottom ring just like you did the top.

Step 6: Enjoy

Now you can enjoy the sweet scent of flowers without all the trouble you had to go through before with this 100 percent waterproof flower pot made out of cardboard!

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