Introduction: The Witch King of Angmar Wood Burner

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The Witch King of Angmar wood burner up cycled from an empty gas bottle and some scrap steel.

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Step 1: Sketch

Remove the paint from your bottle and sketch out your design. I use a grinder and ultra thin cutting disc to start cutting out the design.

Step 2: Any Old Iton

I used a piece of 4" box section to create the helmet part of the design, this was nice and rusty which gave the design an authentic look.

Step 3: Crown and Chimney

I used some 1" pipe to create the spikes around the helmet. The burner had two chimneys to start.

Step 4: Test Burn

The burner looked great lit up but the flames were firing out of the eyes rather than the chimney and blacking up the helmet.

Step 5: 3 Tier Chimney and Paint

I added another chimney to give this sucker 3 chimneys. I masked up the rusty helmet part of the burner and hit the burner with 3 coats of Ultra High Temp black, I then gave the rusty helmet 3 coats of UHT clear coat.

Step 6: Burn the Witch

Build your fire, light and enjoy...

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All commissions considered...this one is for sale...