Introduction: The Worm Lamp

With this project you'll make a worm lamp, using origami and basic connections. It's a fun way to decor a kid's room!


  • Thick paper
  • Acrilyc paint
  • 1 adapter for batteries
  • 1 Switch
  • 2 batteries "AA" 1.5 volts
  • Electric cable, 1mt aprox
  • 5 LED lights
  • Wire
  • Soldering gun
  • Wood
  • Brush
  • Cutter
  • Ruler
  • Paint

Step 1: Let's Get Started

Let's start with a sheet on size 12x20 cm, then we're going to do squares every 4cm, making 3 squares on the top and 5 on the side. Then just fold them.

Step 2:

Then fold the right corner to the left, so there´s the top 2 lines plain.

Next to that, fold only the triangle in the middle, just like the image. Make sure to press hard. Then unfold the sheet.

Step 3:

Now, fold the same corner as before, just a square above, and press the triangle in the middle. Then unfold.

Step 4:

Now we're gonna repeat all the steps we did before, but the the left corner.

1.fold the left corner 3 squares up, and mark the triangle in the middle.

2.Fold the same corner 1 square above, and mark the middle triangle.

Step 5: Results After Folding

This is how your sheet should look after the last steps.

Step 6: Let's Get in Shape

Now, fold your sheet in 3 parts, the rigth and left part down, making a kind of cave.

note: keep your sheet in the same position when doing all the steps until now. All the folds should be looking like picture 2.

Step 7:

In this step we're going to make our worm able to grow.

1.Press the upper square with the "x" on it, right in the middle, so it let's you fold the square, until it disappears.

Step 8: Repeat...

Now you're going to repeat the last step with the second square with the "x" on it.

1.Press in the middle until you make it dissapear like we did before.

2.The 2 squares, should end up looking like a diamond in the middle. (look at the picture)

Step 9: This Is Your Worm Until Now!

Step 10:

We have to unfold one more time!

Now it's time to switch sides, what we should be seeing from above to top is 2 lines of squares plain, 2 lines of squares marked an 1 line of squares plain.

1.We're gonna fold the bottom 2 lines of squares up, then we're gonna take one line back and press, so it's gonna look like our sheet is onli 3 squares long.

Step 11:

Now you need to get your sheet in a cave look again, and you're going to re-do the dissapearing square once more (we already did this so get back to the shape is really easy).

Step 12: We're Almost Done!

We need to turn our worm upside down.

1.We have our worm divided in two, and we have to press again our square in order to make the diamond.

2. Press the whole pice so it looks like a cube, this will help us to define all the folding.

Step 13: We're Done Folding!!

This is how our piece shoud look at the end!

Step 14: Choose the Length of Your Worm!

Repeat the process to make the body of your worm, remember that it can be as long as you want!

You'll get faster with practice, so the more pieces you make the better they'll look!

Step 15: About the Support

We need to cut 5 pieces of wathever wood you want, to get it 3cm tall.

Then we're going to do a relief in it so we can put the batteries later.

Right in the middle do a hole that goes thru all the wood, to get the installed wire.

The wire have to bi the lenght of your worm! so it will be able to hold.

Step 16: Paint As You Wish!!

Step 17: The Electric Part...

Here comes the hard yet easy part, were we get our LED lights finally coneccted!

1.All the negative wires goes with the thiniest leg of our LED, the positive wire belongs with the long leg of our LED. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE!

2. When we are coneccting our wires, for example the negative it must NOT touch the positive things we have!

3.I'm adding a drawing of how you should do it!

Step 18: WE ARE DONE!

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