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Introduction: The Cat Lady Ugly Christmas Sweater

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In honor of our first ever Ugly Sweater Contest, I have created this light up cat lady sweatshirt monstrosity. It features Luna Tuna (the cat hanging off the tree) and Big Dee (the fat one helping knock it over) because they're the best.

It's super easy to do and I've included the pattern for the tree as well as outlines of the cats so you can make your own! :D

Step 1: What You'll Need:

As you can see, my brainstorming image was pretty terrible.

Step 2: Cut Out the Tree Pieces

I've modified the pattern pieces to reflect my final cuts, so this will go easy!

Cut the pattern out of the paper and pin it to the felt and cut around it. :)

Step 3: Sew the Tree On

You can use fabric glue for this, but I chose to sew it on using embroidery floss. Using glue over such a large area can cause it to get really stiff and uncomfortable.

I used embroidery floss to sew all around the edges of the tree, and glued the star on.

Step 4: Add Lights & Decorations!

I had a tinsel garland and lights, but ended up using only the lights.

I gathered the lights and swirled them around since there was a ton of space between each light. I used green embroidery floss to hold the lights in place.

Make sure to leave the end long enough to allow the battery pack to reach to your pocket!

Step 5: Add the Cats

I drew my cats on a sheet of paper and then cut them out and checked to see how they looked on the tree.

Then I traced them onto white felt and added outlines and details with a fine sharpie. I used the fabric glue to get them into the right place. :)

Step 6: Enjoy Your Terrible Sweater!


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5 years ago

I love this idea! Marking it as a favorite:)


6 years ago

What could be better than Christmas tree with badly bhaved cats! For someone with 3 and 1 half cats ( one hangs around for food, but is afraid to let us touch her), I was looking for an easy banner to decorate my Flea Market booth.


7 years ago

If anyone needs to know how to make a c clip holder, look at my instructable:)


7 years ago on Introduction

Awesome sweater! Aww Big Dee! I used to have a fat cat named Wally growing up. He hated everyone. He was the best.


Kitty cat, christmas tree and lace!!!! You are too brave!
But it is ugly and cool!