Introduction: Toco's Knex Trebuchet

The easiest trebuchet ever! It isnt verry good compared to this Knex Desktop Trebuchet by Knexagon. The weight is the same.

Step 1: Parts List

7 grey
4 red
3 blue
3 yellow
3 gray
4 blue (3 blue = 1 grey)
7 yellow
2 orange
3 grey end cap things
4 purple
4 blue
1 small gear

Step 2: Make the Arm

need the 2 orange connectors,1 grey rod,1 red rod,8 tires,1 grey connector.

Put the grey connector on the end of the red rod. Slid the tires on. Put an orange connector on the other end. Put the grey rod on the other end of the orange connector. Put another orange connector on the end of the grey rod.

Step 3: Make the Base

Make this.

Step 4: Put the Arm On

slide a red rod threw the bottom orange connector. Put grey end caps next to it. Put it on the top yellow connectors of the base.

Step 5: Extend the Base Ad Add the Trigger.

Put two grey rods on the back. Slid the spacers on the right grey rod. Cap those with yellow connectors. Put a yellow rod inbetween the yellow connectors. Now take a yellow connector on the right grey rod right after the spacers. Put a red rod tword the inside on the yellow connector and a blue one tword the outside.

Step 6: Make the Projectile

put a grey cap on a blue or white rod. Now put a small gear on the rod. Tie some string on the connector and a loop at the other end.

Step 7: Load and FIRE!

put the looped end of the projectile on the back side of the top orange connector of the arm. Pull down to the trigger. Back up

Step 8: Send Me Your Pics!!!

send me your pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see your instructables in action.