The Guide to Cydia




Introduction: The Guide to Cydia

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If you have already seen my how to jailbreak, than this is stuff you need to know. Sources, apps, tweaks, sites, and mods are all on this and cramed into one instructable! go on to step one to learn about sources ands sites

Step 1: Sources and Sites

This first step is for all you need to know about the sources. Sources are what you use for tweaks, mods, and apps. Most tweaks are free and require you to install more tweaks while others cost money. You might want to know my recommendations. One is winter board. It can help you with your spring board- aka home menu. You can remove the bottom silver thing. or you can instal a android lock. It can also make backgrounds. On winter board, I recommend HTC lock screen. It looks just like a HTC.
Winterboard is free and donsen't require you to enter just boot mode. Another one is barrel. It makes your spring board slide diffrent. It can curl it up when you slide to a diffrent spring board. Now that you know Sources, move on to apps.
A site is a url to add source. Some sources require sites. One example of a site is iphonerepo. Another is insanelyrepo. I don't recommend adding them because it may be illegal or might spam cydia. I really don't have any good site or source.

Basicly, a source comes from a site.

Step 2: Apps

Apps are more than just tweaks or mods, they can make a big diffrence. It can be a game like quake 3 or a utilitie like activator. I dont know how much they cost though. If you have cydia, you can check them out. My recommend quake 3. It is free but the controlls are hard. It is tilt controlled. Activator i think was free and it helps with graviboard. Graviboard is when you double tap home 2 times (or what ever you set it to) and it makes the apps fall in the direction your iphone is tilted. Move on to mods.

The photo bellow has winter board from a source. The source came from a site.

Step 3: Last But Not Least, Mods

Mods are some time what helps you on games or makes someting better. One mod that i like is barrel. It isn't just a app or tweak it mods your spring board. Mods are really helpful. make sure you know what your doing first! in the mod section of the app on cydi, you can uninstall apps.

Now you should understand what cydia is and how to get around it

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    dr. richtofen
    dr. richtofen

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Could be a lot better:
    - Winterboard and barrel aren't sources; sources are 'sites' (yes, they have sites) like iphonerepo. You add an url to get sources
    - With winterboard, you can add themes and other stuff, you didn't mentioned themes. But that's one of the most important things about winterboard
    - Explain better what mods are. Give an list of recommendations.
    - You can get most paid things for free, with the right sources. put that in

    For now, you get 2~2.5* from me. This instructable just laks a lot of important stuff.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Ok thanks for that! i will be sure to fix and add all of the stuff you mentioned