The Old ATX PC Power Supply to the New Lab Power Supply Case




Introduction: The Old ATX PC Power Supply to the New Lab Power Supply Case

Hi all.

I want to show you how to convert an old ATX PC power supply into a new case for lab power supply.

The frame casing is made of aluminum and the sides from 3mm clear acrylic glass. White cover protects the acrylic glass from scratches (if you want you can remove it).

When order case you also can buy without a 120mm fan and grill and save some money. New ATX power supply already have this fun and grill.

For this convert you will need:

  1. ATX power supplay
  2. Case (Buy it from my ebay store here or contact me on
  3. Soldering iron
  4. Basic tool

Lets start...

Step 1: Remove the Power Supply Circuit...

The first step is to remove the circuit board from ATX casing.

Warning!!! Do not open the casing under voltage. When removing, be careful not to damage the circuit.

Pictures show where they are screws located. In my case I need solder out power connector that I am got it out. It is also somewhat difficult to remove the power switch, but some coses do not have power switch(you need buy one case do not include switch).

My case also have switch for different voltage US/EU. I am not remove this switch only well protected with duct tape or shrink tube if you use this and also make this for grounding wire.

Step 2: Preparation Printed Circuit Board

We are already protect ground wire and US/EU switch. Now remove excess wire.

We will use 4x black (COM), 2x yellow (12V), 1x red (5V), 1x orange (3,3V)(my is purple) and green (PS ON)(my is grey).

If your power supply do not have power switch then connect green wire with black, but if you already have power switch then colder green wire in to one of black wire hole. If you not do this step power supply will not start on.

Step 3: Open New Case

On this step we will open case.

For opining case use hex screwdriver, you will need unscrew 8 screw on corners bottom side(look 4. picture). Now remove all four profile and will see inside of case.

Step 4: Install

Use standoff screw and tighten it on bottom acrylic glass on top this screw placed PCB and tighten with screw.

Now install banana connector and power switch and power connector.

Now solder power wires on banana connector and plug in power switch and power connector.

Warning!!! If you would like now to test functioning Be careful, I do not advise testing with open casing.

If you change fan and fan do have connector then change it, but also some times do not have connector. Do not forget to connect the fan back.

And this is all. Now you have all assemble together, this step is slightly complicated, because you need look on wires and insert acrylic glass back to black cover plug-in plastic.

When you will tighten all screw back then you need insert end plastic cover(use hammer).

Step 5: Finish

This is last step.

Use voltage label and stick below and above banana connector.

Now tested it!

If you have some questions please ask me on private message.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi! Nice work. I'm wondering about GND. Usually GND is connected to the metal chassis of the power supply.
    I can use a plastic enclosure?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Beautiful housing. However I think you should drill some holes for a better airflow.


    9 years ago

    I've always wondered if this mod were possible. Using the original case has been problematic no matter HOW much I reduced the wiring. Beautiful! And it's possible to add some meters with the extra space inside.


    9 years ago

    Nice clean enclosure!


    9 years ago

    Nice job. You need to warn people about those big, fat electrolytic capacitors, which may still be charged and ready to discharge when you touch their connectors...