Introduction: The Paracord Sling

Paracord sling is one of the most fun items you can make out of paracord. It is a weapon so treat it as such and apply the diligence it deserves. No shooting toward people or animals!

The paracord sling is one of the easiest weapons to make out of paracord. The added benefit is that the sling is a ranged weapon, meaning it can be used from a distance. That fact makes it handy in situations when you would like to defeat something stronger than you (remember the biblical story of David and Goliath) or hunt something. There is even a handy video of an older fellow who hunts rabbits using this very weapon.
It is also very fun to play with with friends (be VERY careful though, at the start it is very hard to control the direction of our shots!).
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For this project all you will need is a piece of paracord (I recommend type 550). That and a lighter to burn the edges which will make them more consistent.

The paracord sling is made with the relatively easy process of weaving. In essence there will be a lot of go over-go under steps. That means that the basic technique is to go under a cord, then over the next one, then under again. Simple, effective and gets the job done.

This project takes a very short time to make but shooting with the sling is not something you learn over night.

Historically the sling was used because it is cheap, ammunition (rocks) is readily available and the range of the weapon is higher than that of the bow. The sling can be shot in a straight line or in an arc. Later, when metals began their prominence, lead ammunition (also called acorns) emerged. The force was said to be so high upon impact, that armor could be penetrated, making the sling a weapon of fear, as well as effectiveness. But all in all, the sling is a weapon of the poor who could not afford armor and had to fight as light infantry.

I hope you enjoyed this short intro, now let's make us a sling!

Step 1: Preparing the Paracord

Step 2: Making the First Loop

Step 3: Seng Up the Weave

Step 4:

Step 5: Almost Ready to Start Weaving

Step 6: Starting the Weave

Step 7: Weaving

Step 8: Getting Through One Weave

Step 9: Turining Back Around

Step 10: Over and Under, Just As Promised!

Step 11: Reaching the Top

Step 12: Group the Cords Neatly Together

Step 13: Almost Done

Step 14: Tightening the Pouch

Step 15: More Tightening

Step 16: After We Removed the Slack

Step 17: Making the Finger Loop

Step 18: Looping the Finger Loop

Step 19: Double Overhand Knot- Complete!

Step 20: Making the Cup

Step 21: We Are Done!

Careful using this item. It is a weapon that can cause serious injury to other people, animals or property.

Enjoy your sling and have (safe) fun with it!

I hope you found this tutorial to be enjoyable!