The Power of Paper




Introduction: The Power of Paper

I got set the challenge of building the strongest structure I could out of regular A4 printer paper. I also challenge this task to anyone who wishes to push the engineering designing abilities to their max. The most important thing in building any structure for strength is triangle, triangle, and triangle. I have seen that all the structures that are built for strengths have triangles built into the places that are put under the most stress in the structure. Mine could hold 11 water bottel's of 1/2 litter, meaning it could hold 5.5 kgs

Step 1: Folding

Fold in half. Then bring the edge of the paper in to meet the fold, like folding the half in half. Then do the same for the other side, so you have three folds.

Step 2:

Tape the folds together to creat a triangle with a flap on one side. And repeat twice.

Step 3:

Now atach all the flaps to each other. I join the edges and then tape.

Step 4:

Now grab a peice of paper and draw a line down the middle. fold the edges onto the line, so you only have two folds but not in the middle. then atach to flaps.

Step 5:

then add paper to the outside to creat a second curcle.

Step 6:

All that is left to do is push it, push it real good. And get more caffeine !!!

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    we did this at church once.... we had teams, and we had to make a structure to hold bibles without breaking (they were the heaviest and most abundant). ours got disqualified, as we finished late, but we stacked bibles on it anyway and got some 25 bibles or something crazy. ps, we rolled paper into very tight tubes, then made those into a table (it did involve triangles, btw).