Introduction: The Secrets of Schnitzels

Schnitzel is my favorite comfort food, and one of the common dishes in Israel.
It comes in different sizes, and variables seasoning, but it all comes down to a very tasty, easy to make dish.

Step 1: The Coating - Prepare All Your Ingredients

1 - a plate with all purpose white flour

2 - a bowl with 3 eggs

3 - a plate with bread cramps

in the bowl with eggs:
a. Brake 3 eggs into a bowl.
b. Add your desired seasoning: Salt & pepper, fresh chopped garlic, onion powder, paprika, Tabasco...(Seasoning can be changed according to your personal preferences)
c. Steer

Step 2: The Coating - Cover the Breasts

1. Cut the chicken breasts - to desired size

2. Cover each of the breasts lightly with flour, shake it to remove extra flour coverage

3. Dip flour covered chicken into the egg bowel for a few minutes

4. Take one piece of chicken out of the egg bowl and cover thoroughly with bread cramps

5. Put a side on a plate

Step 3: Deep Fry and Than Eat!

1. Warm oil in a medium/large pot to medium/high temp

2. Put a piece of carrot in to prevent oil from getting burned

3. Deep chicken breasts in (not to many) make sure that they have enough space

4. Wait until their color is golden brown (3-6 minutes)

5. Remove from pot and place on a plate with paper towel

6. Eat with lemon, ketchup or just plain

7. Enjoy!