Introduction: The Simplest Touch Switch

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HI THERE ,  I would like to say Hi to everyone here ,
I"M new to this site and this is my first ever inscrutable so bare with me , 
ok so lets get started , 
first things first the lest fun reading the legal stuff , 
here it goes , I'm am NOT in anyway responsible for any injuries or harm the you my inflict on your self ,
I may and may not own this idea just in case someone had this idea first ,
please take care when handling power tools , 
ok now that I said that we can get started ,

Step 1: The Simplest Touch Switch

ok here's what you are going to need so get your pen and pad ready ,

555 timer x1 ,
dip socket for 555 timer this is optional  ,
1.5 v led any color x1 ,
pcb board or bread your choice  ,
battery 3v / 4.5 ,
a small piece of aluminum  foil ,
Tools needed 
soldering gun 
lead free solder its a better for your health if there's no lead in it
glue gun is optional 

Step 2:

ok here's a schematic I made to make it easier and also here's a pinout I got online , 
were only going to need pin 1 -2 -3-8-6 the rest we do not need ,
fallow the schematic , 
led + to 3 out 
led - to 1 ground
8  to battery 
1 ground to battery's ground
2 to touch plate 
6 to touch plate 
now to make the touch plate take a piece of foil and connect  it to the wire ,
solder your wire's to the right connections and your done ,
you can make this anyway you like solder it or use a bread board ,

Step 3:

and now the test run , touch the touch plate that was connected to pin 2 to turn on ,
to turn off touch the touch plate that was connected to pin 6 ,
so there you have it a simple touch switch , 
you can use more leds if you want or try connecting motors or what ever makes you happy  ,

Thank you everyone  for viewing my project  and for giving the new guy a chance ,
and yes I have more project to come soon ,

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