Introduction: The Storage Rack Made From Recycled Materials

In December 2010, some of the wood board from the garbage heap.

Because one of its own small storage compartment requires a storage rack, which can be used to recover the material, so I have to make a storage rack.

Stable and suitable, Simple tools, Cheap materials, Easy to do, Low waste

Step 1: Recycling Wood Board

Wood packaging board recycling from outdoor garbage heap.

Careful disassembly.

Step 2: Design

1.Consider the space size of the storage compartment.

2.Standard Specification and process standard for reference to conventional furniture.

3.Depends on the fraw material specifications and quantities of the existing recycling the wood strips.

The overall design dimensions: length 800mm, width 500mm, high 850mm

Making process:

1. Select the wood of about 40mm width for making wooden frame, to strengthen the role of bear the weight;

2. Then the wide strips of wood into flat, pavement on the wooden frame above, made into a horizontal grid plate in the storage rack;

3. To choose a wide wooden strip mosaic flat, as a side vertical plate, mounted on the upper and lower two horizontal grid plate, made into a storage rack overall framework;

4. Install the fixed middle horizontal grid plate.

Fixed parts: wood screw

Step 3: Making of Horizontal Grid Plate

Make wooden frame and install flat panel. Two pieces for the upper and lower two horizontal grid plate.

Step 4: Making of Side Vertical Plate

Selection, marking, cutting, wood screw fixation.

Step 5: Making Middle Horizontal Grid Plate

Make and install the fixed middle horizontal grid plate.

Step 6: Fastening, Finishing, Using