Introduction: There's Poo on Your Shoe

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Hey kids,here's a trick I played on my poor old mum many, many years ago when I was probably close to your age.

The prank is simple. Create a fake poo, stick it on the side of your shoe, walk through the house and wait for someone to notice. Probably best played on your mum for the biggest reaction. Extra shock points guaranteed if you do this on her carpet.

Here's what I did to make my fake poo.


Some brown cardboard

(one similar to the desired colour if available).

A length of wire to attach it to your shoe

duct tape

water based glue PVA is best or any glue that dries clear.

Step 1: Making the Wire Attachment

To attach the poop to your shoe, we need to make up a wire frame that holds the poo against the side of your shoe.

To do this, bend your length of wire around a pencil or screw driver as shown. This spring shaped part will create a cage to help hold your poo while the square portion of the wire will fit under your shoe which you then tape to the sole.

Step 2: Making the Poo

This step is most likely already familiar to most of you - making paper mache, or in this case cardboard mache.

Rip up your piece of cardboard into small pieces and place in a tub of water and leave to soak overnight. Each day, keep breaking it down by rubbing it between your fingers until you have a fine pulp. You could of course speed up the process if you have a blender. My life wouldn't be worth living if my wife caught me using her kitchen tools, so I stuck to the former method, breaking it down over two days.

Squeeze out most of the water by wrapping in a dish cloth and twisting leaving the mass relatively dry.

The next step is to add the glue, small amounts at a time until you have a dry dough like consistency. If you have it too sloppy it won't stick to your wire but not a problem, just squeeze out any excess moisture using the dish cloth again.

Step 3: Bringing It All Together

First of all, wrap the shoe that you are going to use for your prank in cling wrap so as not to make a mess on your shoe with the wet mash.

Mold the mash around the spring shaped part of the wire, then press up against your shoe until you are happy with the shape.

Don't make the poo too large, we want it to look like the real deal.

Make sure you do this on the left side of a left shoe, or right side of a right shoe, otherwise you might accidentally kick it off with your other foot when walking, ruining your gag.

We now need to set your poo aside to dry.

Some patience is required here as it needs to be completely dry for this to work. May take a few days depending on how you are going about drying it out.

Step 4: Cosmetic Touch Up

At this point, you are probably right to go with your prank.

One potential problem though, who has ever had a dry looking dog poop stick to their shoe? It has to look like its fairly fresh right?

You can achieve this by giving it a wet shine appearance with a spray of clear varnish. As the old saying goes, you can't polish a poo, but you can certainly shine one up a bit.

Make sure it is thoroughly dry before you do this, otherwise the varnish could take on a milky appearance.

Step 5: Now to Prank Someone

Using the duct tape, fix the poo to your shoe and you are right to go.

Now kids, before we do your poop thoroughly dry?

We don't want it breaking up and making a mess, or worse putting stains on your mum’s carpet.

If this happens, I can guarantee you will definitely be in deep ... well you know what.

Have fun.

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