Introduction: Thermographic Inspection of My Automation PC!

I thought it useful to establish a baseline for the thermals on my home automation pc. I used my Seek thermal xr camera for this job and the visual camera on my galaxy note 4.

Step 1: The Pc Cabinet.

My automation PC is mounted on the wall. Here the cabinet is open.

Step 2: The Atx Power Supply.

The 250watt supply is only loaded to a maximum of 52watts. All looks fine with it and I hope it continues with its long service life.

Step 3: The Enclosure Fan.

The fan is running fine and quiet.

Step 4: The Chipset.

The IC looks in good thermal condition.

Step 5: The DDR4 Modules.

The ram is running at expected temperatures.

Step 6: Backpanel Components.

The solid capacitors and other components appear in good condition.

Step 7: CPU Voltage Regulators.

This cpu is a skylake i7 35watt quad core. It sips power and as such the voltage regulators have an easy job.

Step 8: The SSD.

I do love solid state drives for low power consumption and cool operation!