Introduction: Thermometer - Micro:Bit

Use your Micro:Bit to read the temperature of your surroundings!


- Yourself

- Micro:Bit

- Battery Pack (Optional)

- Mirco USB

- Computer

Step 1: Thermometer

You be needing

  • Heat or cold air
  • Micro-bit
  • Micro-USB
  • Battery

Step 2: Connecting to Your Computer

Put your your micro-USB into the computer and the micro-bit.

Step 3: Getting the Main Blocks Needed

Get the block name on button a pressed get it from the input tab on your left and the forever block should be given to you already.

Step 4: Adding More

Get a "show number" block from the basics tab and place it in forever block.

Step 5: Making a Variable

Look for a variable tab and make one type in converted.

Once you have the variable and grab a bubble that just say converted and place it into show number block ,also get the "set converted to 0" block out to.

Step 6: Finding the Math Problem

Get three bubbles of adding signs and put them together and place in the "set converted" block.

Step 7: Figuring the Math

Get the temperature from the input tab in place it in the math bubbles.

Step 8: Putting the Numbers and Math Symbols

For the numbers put 9 on the first one second 5 and 32 for the last one

The symbols are going to be the first one to temperature and 9 is X for multiply second dividing and last is (+) plus.

Step 9: Place in the Forever Block

Lastly place the whole thing into the forever block.

Step 10: Download the File to the Microbit

There two ways of doing this you can either pair the device or bring the file to the micro-bit.

Step 11: Here Are Video Instructions If You Prefer That! :)