Introduction: Thermos French Press

I decided to make a french press in a thermos to make coffee on the go.


- Thermos

- 2 6-inch 8-32 rods

- 1 8-32 coupling nut

- compression springs

- 2 nuts

- 1 strainer

Step 1: 3D Print Parts

3D print the STL files

Step 2: Cut Strainer

Cut strainer down to around a 1/4 of an inch wider than the 3D print.

Step 3: Thread Spring

Thread the spring through the holes in the 3D printed strainer.

Step 4: Assemble the French Press

First, attach the strainer to the bottom of the 3D print by poking a hole through the strainer and screw the rod through the 3D print and through the strainer.

Then attach the nuts to both sides of the rod to secure everything together.

After that, attach both rods together with the coupling nut.

Once that is done, screw the handle to the top and there you go.