Introduction: Thien Baffle for Dust Collector

This is a Thien Baffle quickly created with a 5 gallon bucket.

Step 1: Dust Collector

The dust collector before attaching the baffle.

Step 2: Bucket

Cut a section out of a 5 gallon bucket.

Step 3: Circles

Use the bucket section to draw circles on a piece of wood. You will need three sections. One circle will fit on the inside of the top of the bucket, one circle will fit on the inside of the bottom and one circle will fit on the outside of the bottom.

Step 4: Cut

Use a circle jig and router to cut the circles. A jigsaw would also work.

Step 5: Circles

The left circle will fit on the outside bottom of the bucket section. It has a groove cut to sit on top of another full 5 gallon bucket. The circle on the right will fit on the inside top of the bucket section.

Step 6: Outside Bottom

Attache the outside bottom piece with screws and silicon.

Step 7: Hose

Cut a section of PVC pipe and round it to fit snugly against the side of the bucket section.

Step 8: Bucket Hole

Cut a hole in the bucket to match up with the PVC piece.

Step 9: Support

Cut a wood piece to support the PVC piece. Attach the PVC to the wood and the wood to the bucket section.

Step 10: File

File the inside of the bucket section so that it is flush with the inside of the PVC piece. Use silicon to create a seal between the PVC and bucket section.

Step 11: Inside Top

Cut a hole in the top of the inside top circle. Cut a piece to sit over the hole that will anchor dust collection tubing and glue in place.

Step 12: PVC

On the underside of the inside top circle use silicone to secure a PVC tube that will extend into the bucket section.

Step 13: Secure

Screw and silicone the inside top circle into the top of the bucket section.

Step 14: Inside Bottom

Divide the inside bottom circle circle into thirds. Cut an inch out from the side of two thirds of the circle. Screw the circle into the inside bottom of the bucket section.

Step 15: Base

Create a rolling wooden base to accommodate the collection system.

Step 16: Bag

Attach the bag and filter to the base.

Step 17: Support Arm

Create a support arm to hold the motor.

Step 18: Motor

Attach the motor to the support arm and attach to the bag and filter section.

Step 19: Dust Bucket

Run window sealer around the top of the dust collection bucket. Use a bit of glue or epoxy to secure in place.

Step 20: Baffle

Attach the baffle to the motor with tubing.

Step 21: Collect Dust

Lift the baffle and place the collection bucket underneath. The weight of the baffle and the pressure from the compressed tubing creates a seal on the bucket.

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