Introduction: Think Geek Retro Bluetooth Handset Quick Weight Mod. (Because Heavier Is Better)

Add a little extra heft to your Think Geek Retro Bluetooth Handset. Because heft=quality. At least in retro-land.

5 3/4 Inch fishing sinkers
A hot glue gun
The phone

This is an easy mod and should not take longer than half an hour.

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Step 1: Open Your Phone

Open the bottom (microphone) end of the phone by twisting it firmly counter clockwise. It should rotate and then stop. Gently pull and detach the microphone assembly from the phone, being careful not to put tension on the wires.

I could not get the top of the phone open by doing the same thing, so I removed the handle cover by pulling on the bottom and shimmying it out.

Step 2: Insert Weights.

Drop the fishing weights in the handle, one between each pair of the structural ribs. Make sure that the wire traveling up to the speaker does not get pinched against a rib (Just run it below everything).

Apply a healthy amount of hot glue. Don't over do it, and keep in mind that the handle cover is going to be replaced.

Step 3: Close It Up Again.

Almost there.. Slide the handle cover tooth underneath the speaker assembly and press it back in. It should slide in much like it was removed. Snap it in place.

Screw the mic assembly back on.

You're done! Show it off to your fellow geek friends and have them marvel at the incredible (percieved) build quality of your new toy.

here is a nice picture of the fishing weights I used, for your enjoyment. Made in America - for that authentic American heft.
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