Introduction: Think Before You Speak Poster

Supplies needed..........
1 sheet styrofoam 17" x 14 1/8"
1 sheet black 12 x 12 card stock
1 sheet white 12 x 12 card stock
1 sheet patterned paper 12 x 12
1 sheet coordinating colored card stock 12 x 12 
(if you have scraps by all means use them!)
Tacky glue
3D  dots
adhesive roller
4 small brads (any color)
8 lg. brads any color
various colors glimmer mist ( or home made glimmer mist)
double sided sticky tape
freezer paper 19" x 16 1/8"
X-acto knife
clear acrylic sealer
2 pop tabs
1 pice of string
embellishments (optional)

Step 1:

Place a few strips of double sided tape to the styrofoam front 4 strips on the back and all 4 sides.

Step 2:

Remove tape papers from front and sides of styrofoam, place freezer paper shiny side up and smooth completely.

Step 3:

Fold paper over the sides sticking it well, remove tape paper on back and stick the paper down.
Cut away any excess paper.

Step 4:

Once paper is down punch holes in all 4 corners for the large brads.
Add glue to the brads before sticking them into the styrofoam.

Step 5:

Once the gluing is done, using glimmer mist (or home made glimmer mist)
spray any colors you like onto the freezer paper, letting dry between each one
to prevent smearing and large puddles)

Step 6:

While colors are drying, cut out all your letters using the Alphalicious cartridge and background pieces as follows.......

before you speak----all lower case letters, in black only at regular setting size 1 1/2"
Think!  upper case T lower case hink    coordinating card stock color regular setting at size 1 1/2" 
THINK- All upper case Letters coordinating card stock regular setting at size 2"

All of the following is cut  as shown from white card stock at 1" shadow setting
- is it True? 
- is it Helpful?
- is it Inspiring?
- is it Necessary?
- is it Kind?

All of the following is cut as shown from black card stock  1" at regular setting
- is it True?
- is it Helpful?
- is it Inspiring?
- is it Necessary?
- is it Kind?

the 6 dots beside the Think! piece is cut from Plantin Schoolbook-white 1/2" black 1/4"

Once the glimmer mist is completely dry, add two light coats of a clear sealer.

             Round all corners on the following.........
Background paper for before you speak- white card stock 12" x 2 1/2"
Think! background papers- Black card stock 5 1/8" x 2 1/2"
patterned paper- 4 3/4" x 2 1/4"

THINK background papers- Black card stock 2 1/2" x 2"
patterned paper- 2 1/4" x 1 3/4"

Step 7:

Using adhesive roller, glue the background pieces together, and using tacky glue; glue all the letters together also glue the words before you speak onto the white background piece..

Step 8:

After all pieces are glued together, start placing the items onto the dried freezer paper; starting with the before you speak.
Place it at the very top with the adhesive roller. Using x-acto knife poke a hole in each corner, and glue in a small brad.
On the backs of the Think! and Think pieces place 3 D pieces, before removing the back papers, place them onto the poster where they will be glued down. Once you have them where they should go, remove the papers from each piece and add tacky glue to the 3 D or they won't stay stuck to the paper. You might have to lay something on them to hold them in place for a minute to stay secure.

Step 9:

Once those are all in place and securely glued down; you then start on the words.........
Starting with the longest word Necessary and to the very right side place the letters from last to first making sure you have plenty of room for all the letters including is it. I raise and lower the letters making them have more room to fit.
Once they look good, glue them down.
Go to the next larger word Inspiring doing the same thing. Once these 2 words are on, the rest is very easy to add.
Once these are all on you can leave it as is, or add embellishments.

Step 10:

The very last step is to glue the pop tabs securely to the back, I used tacky glue, you use what you prefer. Once they are dry, tie a piece of sting to each one for hanging. And this is you finished product. :)

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