Introduction: This Cheese Soup

This is a recepie based on a bit more detailed video.

Step 1:

Put on some stripy apron

Step 2:

Get some water cooking.

Step 3:

Get bread. We have these packs of dried bread sold at the nearest supemarket. You can yuse bread crumbles, fresh bread; black bread, white bread.

Bring it to the cooking water.

Step 4:

Get cheese. Hard salty cheese is the best. I used this one.

Grate it.

Step 5:

Bring the cheese to the cooking water.

Step 6:

Cook the watery bready cheese for a while.

Step 7:

Get it blended.

Step 8:

Get a portion. Put some bread crackers on top.

Good stuff!

Step 9:

So in general, this is a straight-forward cooking process. If you use some pretty salty cheese - no need in additional salt. Also, don't make too much of it since this dish is very nourishing and if you'll keep some for later, and reheat it... it'll still be edible, but the puree consistancy will be lost... it won't be as good

Also I'm not providing any specific weight ratios for the product since I usually do this thing purely intuitively, and it still turns out great. If you need some more understanding on that - please wath Townsends video I'd provideded in the begining.

Anyway, this is it for now, thank you for your attention and... something!