This Is Not Science

Introduction: This Is Not Science

This Is Not Science is an exploration of the physical experience of sound. By connecting an electric cello to an amplifier input and then running a homemade paper speaker and a bass shaker out that are sewn into a garment, the wearer can feel the vibrations and "sound" coming from the cello.

Step 1: Cut Neoprene Fabric and Make Holes for Corset

Cut the desired amount of neoprene fabric (the wearer should feel the compression of the fabric but should not be uncomfortable). Then, cut two strips of neoprene fabric (they will be the corset laces)

Make the holes for the corset -- cut an X shape into the fabric at the desired placement for the corset lace holes. When you're ready to wear the garment, weave the laces through the corset holes and tie in the middle.

Step 2: Make Paper Speaker

Using copper tape, make a tightly wound (but not touching) spiral (in this case in a rectangular shape) on stiff but lightweight paper. Attach an alligator clip to each end of the tape and connect the other ends to wires connected to the amp input.

Once the amp is powered, the speaker can be activated using a neodymium magnet by holding it close to the center of the spiral.

Step 3: Sew Bass Shaker to Fabric

Sew a bass shaker (in this case an 8Ohm Pyle Bass Shaker) to the neoprene fabric. Cover the front of the bass shaker with neoprene and sew it into place. You may also want to add some needle felted wool and sew that to the front for the wearer's added comfort.

Attach each wire from the bass shaker to an alligator clip and connect the other end of the clips to the wires running into the amp input.

NB: Be sure that the Ohms of the bass shaker and the amp match (e.g. 8Ohm Pyle bass shaker is connected to an 8Ohm amplifier)

Step 4: Connect the Cello and Play!

Once everything is connected and the wearer is donning the garment, connect the cello to the amplifier, turn everything on, and play! The wearer should feel a comforting vibration.

Step 5:

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