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Bored while working from home during this pandemic .Build this awesome destop decoration to help you kill this boredom.


Supplies | Quantity

Wood Square of dimension 7" X 7" -- 1
Wood rectangles of dimension 7" X 1" --4
White acrylic square of dimensions 8" X 8" --1
Clear glass of dimension 7" X 7" --1
Neodymium magnet --2 (

Step 1: Preparing the Base

✓Take the 4 rectangles and fix them together using some wood glue, in the shape of the square.
✓Fix the square formed onto the wooden square that you have cut using some wood glue and nails(if required)
✓Keep the structure aside for drying

Step 2: Mechanism

• 3d Print the following print
• Buy a replica model of Thor hammer

✓After selecting one of the above , Take the hammer and on top of it attach a peice of powerful neodymium magnet.

✓Take a print of the thor image , cut it out and stick it on a peice of cardboard.

Step 3: Preparing the Model

✓Take the structure that we have prepared and colour it black from inside .
✓Take the hammer and tie a black thread of length 8" on its handle.
✓Stick the other end of the thread onto the bottom left corner of the structure using some super glue.
✓Stick the Glass square onto the open side of the structure .
✓Take the acrylic square and cut out a square of side 7" from it and paste it on the glass .
✓Take image of Thor and on its hand attach two magnets such that they attract the magnet on the hammer towards them.
✓Stick the Thor on the top right corner .
✓Decorate the outsides as you wish.

Step 4:

It would look like Thor is summoning the mjolnir .

Hope you enjoyed this project . Follow me for more easy DIY projects .Do drop your ideas in the comment that you want me to make .

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