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The water level alarm is a simple mechanism to detect and indicate the level of water in various containers. Nowadays, due to the busy life many people find it difficult to keep a constant check on the level of water the container. When the water is stored in the container, no one can identify the level of water and also, no one can know when the water container will fill. Hence there can be an overflow of water , thus a wastage of energy and water. To tackle this problem I built a device that will help keep a constant check on the container that you are filling along with an alarm system to prevent overflow of water .


1. Wooden dowel or rod (Approx 30cm or 1' in length or as per the size of your container) X 1
2. Plastic bottle caps X 2
3. Aluminium foil
4. AA Battery X 2
5. Buzzer X 1 (
6. Wires
7. Plastic\Wooden peg X 1
8. Foam

Step 1: Concept

As we know that things which have a density lower that of water tend to float in it . Using the same principal we will build this alarm system .
Bottle caps which float in the water , if we restrict there motion along the X-axis(left and right) and Z-axis(forward and backward ) , then they will be forced to follow the movement of the water along the Y-axis i.e up and down movement . In order to accomplish this we will use a rod . On the side of the of each cap facing each other we will stick some aluminium foil , this mechanism will act like a switch as soon as the the caps touch each other (indicating water has filled to the desired level) current will flow through the wire activating the alarm thus preventing overflow

Step 2: Structure

=> Take the rod and mark the spot where you what it to coincide with the top of the container
=> Take the two caps and make a hole through them of a diameter equal to the width of the rod . Expand the hole of one cap such that it can freely move along the rod
=> Take some aluminium foil and cut it in the shape similar to that of a cap and stick it on the top side of the cap (See the pictures for reference )
=> Take the rod and fix the cap with the smaller hole with hot glue on the top of it such that the side on which the foil is stuck faces down and the cap is a inch down the the mark that you made earlier
=> Cut a cube of dimensions 1" X 1" X 1" from a piece of foam and stick it on the rod on the marking that you made earlier
=> Take the peg and stick it on the other side of the foam with the rod on its opposite side

Step 3: Electronic

=> Take the AA batteries and attach the wire to it and make the connections as shown in the Picture 1
=> Take the two wires that are remaining in the end and attach them to the foil side of the caps that we made earlier .
=> Slide the 2nd cap into the rod with the foil side facing up (You can make the two caps touch each other in order to test the system, if alalrm rings then the system that you made works )
=> Seal the end off and put everything in a box to protect it from water and stick the box at the back of the peg or anyware you find it safe.

Step 4:

Hope you enjoyed this project . Follow me for more easy DIY projects .Do drop your ideas in the comment that you want me to make .

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