Introduction: Thor Spinner Fidget Toy

About: My name is Aaron Powter and I'm a Technology Education Teacher from Melbourne Australia. I love all things from engineering, CNC-CAD-CAM machining, RC aircraft, Robots, mechatronics and more.

Hey guys,

Here is my latest creation to be added and uploaded to the instructables gods. It's my Thor hammer inspired spinner fidget toy.

I have provided 2 tutorials on how to design and make it with Fusion 360 CAD-CAM, photos and files (STL & DXF) for you to either CNC machine in aluminium or 3D print at home. If you 3D print it stick some weights in holes in hammer end.

You will need 1 x 6001 bearing for your toy (sorry for the size, but I had these already at home).

Hope you enjoy it?

Cheers, Aaron

***Free A360 Files Download Here***
Aaron's CAD CAM Model:

Aaron's F360 Demo:

STL file:

Step 1: What You'll Need

Disclaimer: I do not take responsibility for the tool paths, feeds, and speeds outlined in the video or applied in the parametric models. Consult your user manual, supervisor and or teacher / CNC instructor before proceeding with CNC operations.

You will need the following:

-: 2 x pieces of 6061 aluminium 108mm x 95mm x 10mm (Length, width, thickness)

-: 1 x 6001 bearing i.d.12mm, o.d.28mm, width 8mm

-: 3 x 6mm x 20mm cap head bolts

-: access to a CNC milling machine and training if you're not a CNC operator

-: 1 x 10mm bolt with 2 x nyloc nuts (not required, but helps to hold the model)

-: alternatively you can download the files and just 3D print the model. Place the weights such as ball bearing or brass plugs in the 3 x 6mm holes in the hammer head for added weight.

Step 2: Locate the YouTube CAD Video Tutorial

Click on the following YouTube video link which will outline how to design the model for yourself using Fusion 360.

Step 3: Launch Fusion 360 & Start Designing

Launch Autodesk Fusion 360 and follow the detailed steps so you can design your own Thor spinner fidget toy.

Step 4: Locate the CAM YouTube Video Tutorial

Open your internet browser and navigate to YouTube. Watch the detailed tutorial in order to CAM and CNC machine your own Thor spinner fidget toy.

Step 5: Post Process & CNC Machine Op-1

Edit the tool paths in the CAM environment to suit your machines power and cutting tools speeds and feeds. Place raw aluminium stock in your vice or table. Post process your G and M code using the appropriate post and CNC machine operation 1. Note: make sure you set your G54 work offset in the proper location in all 3 axis (X, Y & Z).

Step 6: Post Process & CNC Machine Op-2 Fixture Plate

Using the same processes that you did in the previous step. Insert you fixture plate into the machine vice or fix to your machining table and run operation 2. Do not remove from the vice or table. Tap all holes with a 6mm dia x 1mm pitch metric tap.

Step 7: Post Process & CNC Machine Op-3

Bolt your original plate to your fixture plate. Post Process your code from Operation 3 and run your cycle. Remember to reset your Z-Height in your G54 work offset otherwise your run the risk of crashing your machine and or breaking your cutting tool.

Step 8: Assemble and Play

1). Insert the bearing into the spinner

2). It may require a dob of bearing retaining loctite or superglue to keep it in place if loose.

3). Place some additional weights in the 3 x 6mm holes in the head of each hammer. You could use brass or ball bearings for this.

4). remove the seals from the bearing as these induce unnecessary drag and cause friction. Spray some WD40 or CRC periodically to lubricate if required.