Introduction: DSLR Camera Slider for Under $50

About: My name is Aaron Powter and I'm a Technology Education Teacher from Melbourne Australia. I love all things from engineering, CNC-CAD-CAM machining, RC aircraft, Robots, mechatronics and more.

Here is my latest creation to be offered up to the Instructables gods. It's a do it yourself DSLR camera slider that uses inexpensive DIN rail and skateboard bearings. I designed and created this project using Autodesk Fusion 360 CAD CAM. You have a choice of CNC machining or 3D printing your slider parts. Trust you enjoy it and have a crack at making it for yourself.

Step 1: Watch the YouTube Build Video

I have made a high definition video and uploaded it to my YouTube channel. I suggest you watch it to understand the manufacturing process.

Step 2: Download CAD File or A360 Link

You can download the Autodesk Fusion 360 files directly (above), or by by clicking on the link provided below. I suggest you click on the a360 link below as this will be most current and up to date version which was drawn in a "Top Down" design. However, the carriage file uploaded separately above contains the CAM data for the CNC machining.

Camera Slider F360 URL link current and up to date version here:

Step 3: Obtain Your Components

You will need the following parts

  • 8 x skateboard bearings (608-2RS)
  • 1 or 2 lengths of DIN Rail (approx. 1 metre long each)
  • assortment of 6mm cap head bolts
  • 8 x 5mm pan head cap bolts
  • 3D printer and PLA filament
  • Note: for CNC machining you'll need 2 x pieces of aluminium (80mm x 90mm)

Step 4: Prepare Your DIN Rail

Depending on the chosen length of your slider you may opt to cut your DIN rail in half. Therefore you'll have to measure the half way mark and cut it with a hacksaw or angle grinder.

  1. Measure and mark out the halfway mark
  2. Scribe a line perpendicular to the DIN rail
  3. Use a hacksaw or angel grinder to cut your DIN rail
  • Note: ensure you wear safety glasses at all times!

Step 5: 3D Printing or CNC Machine Your Carriage Parts

Step 6: Make Your Parts and Assemble

As previously stated you have the choice to CNC machine or 3D print your components.

  1. Insert the 8 bearing bushes into the 8 skateboard bearings
  2. Attach the bearings and bush onto the right and left carriages via the use of 8 x (6mm x 20mm long) cap head bolts
  3. lock the carriages together by fixing the upper and lower camera mounting plates via the use of 8 x (5mm x 10mm long) pan head cap bolts
  4. Assemble

Step 7: Assemble DIN Rail, Add Carriage and Mount Legs

  1. Mount and bolt your stand offs (aluminium or 3D print) to your DIN rail. The spacing of the stand offs is totally up to you and the desired rigidity you want for your Frame.
  2. Slide carriage onto your DIN rail track. Note: this may warrant some intervention of a some washers between the rail and each stand off.
  3. Ensure carriage slides freely along the DIN rail.
  4. Join legs together and mount either end of the DIN rail.

Step 8: Start Shooting & Have Fun

Mount your camera using 1 x 1/4" UNC thumb bolt and a small plastic spacer (if required). Go out and start having fun.

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