Introduction: Low Cost Thread+light Art

Hello friends I am Ajay from Banjarpalya makerspace.

I am showing you a new type of art here which I learnt from

.You can make this by yourself JUST FOR $1!

You can make it within four hours. I have also fixed LEDs, to give a very good effect and remix the original ones on internet.

I made D E F Y signage for the makerspace I am currently working in. We explore creative challenges as our lifestyle to earn a living, and are free thinkers and lifelong learners, hence the name 'defy'.

D.E.F.Y. also means Design education for yourself.

So if you want to make this, see all the steps, you can make your name or choose whichever forms you want and gift it to someone special !


  1. wooden plank
  2. ball head nail
  3. woolen thread
  4. LED x 11
  5. small wires
  6. marker
  7. pencil
  8. scale


  1. scissor
  2. hammer
  3. cutting plier
  4. hand driller
  5. hot glue gun
  6. insulation tape

Step 1: First, Take a Wooden Plank

First we have to take a wooden plank or any thick material to build a base on which we would push the needles in.

Step 2: Mark the Wooden Plank

Make the vertical margins on the base using a pencil or a marker and ruler.

Step 3: Mark Horizontal Margins

Leave appropriate gap from the top and bottom edge of the base, and draw the border.

Step 4: Draw on the Base Plank

Make the borders of any alphabet you want or any pattern you want to create.

Step 5: Fixing Ball End Pin and to a Wooden Plank

Take a ball end pin and fix in the wooden plank which you drawn, using a hammer.

Step 6: Complete Pinning the Whole Pattern/letters

Complete all letters with the using ball end pin as shown in the images.

Step 7: Woolen Thread Fixing Process

First, tie a knot about three to four times using the woolen thread and then loop the thread to the next consecutive pin and then to the next, keep going on and on until you have covered the borders of the pattern at least two times.

Step 8: Make Zig Zag Pattern With Thread

This is the most fun part, where you have to try to connect one pin to the other pin not more than once and try to connect as many permutations and combinations of pins as possible.

Take the woolen thread and tie it on the pins in whichever shape you want in zig zag or staright line.

Step 9: Solder the LED

Solder LED with two differently colored wires for illuminating our installation in the night!

Step 10: Do Wiring for Led

I have connected all LEDs in parallel with the voltage source, so that they receive the same voltage. Then decide the positions LEDs have to be fixed in, to give the most awesome look.

I had to drill the wooden plank and do the wiring for one led, but other LEDs are stuck on the borders of the plank.

Step 11: Appling Hot Glue

Apply the hot glue for sticking the wiring to the plank.

Step 12: Making the Hanger

The last step, if you would like to hang the art piece on the wall, you have to make a hanger.

I cut Galvanized Iron or G.I. Sheet metal into a semicircular shape and made three holes as shown in picture, using the drill. Use two screws to fix the hanger on the base, and the third screw to fix the plank on the wall.

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