Introduction: Three Easy Hairstyles to Do on Yourself

WARNING: Be cautious when using the hot tool. (Adult supervision is necessary if children are attempting to use the hot tool)

Basic knowledge of a simple three-strand braiding is necessary for hairstyles.

These hairstyles are meant to be quick, fun, and easy.


Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need the following:

-Hot curling object

-Mini hair elastics (needed to secure the braids)


The following items are optional:

-Heat protectant glove

-Heat protectant (to protect the hair from heat damage)

-Hair spray (to help the curls last longer)

-Dry shampoo (to add texture and better hold)

-Bobby Pins

Step 2: Prep Hair (the Following Step Is Optional)

  • Turn on the curling iron or wand so that it will have time to heat up.
  • Once that is done, you can start off by brushing your hair to get rid of any tangles.
  • For longer-lasting curls, spray a light coat of hairspray throughout the hair.
  • If you have hair that is difficult to curl, adding a light coat of dry shampoo at the roots will help add texture and hold.
  • To protect your hair and keep it healthy, spray your favorite type heat protectant all over.
  • Lastly, brush through the hair one more time to get rid of any tangles.

Step 3: Separate Hair Into Sections

  • Start by dividing your hair evenly. Where the left and right side of your hair are equal or you can split your hair based on how you want to part your hair.
  • Once that is done, tie up the side of the hair you are not using with a rubber band. (For thicker hair, take the section you are working with and split that section with a top layer and a bottom layer for easier curling)
  • Repeat to the other side when you finish curling that section.

Step 4: Grab Your Hot Curling Object

Step 5: Begin Curling Each Strand to Your Liking

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  • Begin wrapping a piece of hair, from the section you are working with, around the barrel of the curling wand.
  • For a loose, wavier curl, take a section of hair (an inch and a half to two inches) and begin wrapping it around the barrel. Leaving about half an inch of hair off the barrel.
  • For a tighter curl, take a section of hair (half an inch to an inch) of hair and wrap it around the barrel. Completly wrap hair around the barrel.
  • Hold the hair on the barrel for about 15-20 seconds.
  • Curl each strand in opposite directions.
  • To curl towards your face, place the barrel in FRONT of the strand of hair and wrap as normal.
  • To curl away from your face, place the barrel BEHIND the strand and wrap as normal.
  • Slowly let the curl fall and repeat until that section of hair is completely curled.
  • Continue the same process on the other section.

Step 6: Finish Curling and Use Hairspray (optional)

  • Once the hair is completely curled, you can then lightly spray your hair with hairspray.
  • Once that is completed, comb through the hair with either your fingers or a brush to give the curls a softer and more natural look.

Step 7: Begin Styling the Hair

  • Take your fingers and divide the hair from the temples of your head to the back of your head (Helpful tip: Trace your fingers where a crown would sit on your head)
  • Once you have that section of hair, split it into two equal sections.

Step 8: Start Braiding the Hair

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  • Once the hair is split into two sections at the crown of the head, tie up one of the two sections that you are not working with at the moment.
  • With the section you are working with, split the hair into three smaller sections so that you can start braiding the hair. (For a more advanced look you can Dutch or French braid this section).
  • Use a small elastic hair tie to hold this braid together.
  • Lightly pull out each outer braided section to make your braid look fuller and thicker.
  • Next, repeat the same braid you did on the other side of your head.
  • Once that is completed you should have two braids on both sides of your head.

Step 9: Braided Half Up Bun

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  • Begin by taking the two braids and securing them in the center of the back of your head with an elastic.
  • Then take the combined hair in the ponytail and begin braiding that.
  • Once that is completed, begin twisting the hair up in a circular motion until it forms a bun.
  • Secure that with a larger hair tie or bobby pins for extra support. You can use hair spray as needed.

Step 10: Half Up Braid

  • For this hairstyle, braid the two small braids only about halfway down.
  • Take the two braids and meet them in the middle of the back of your head.
  • Tie the braids with a mini elastic. Finish with hair spray if needed and pull the braids for a thicker looking braid.

Step 11: Two Braids Into One

  • Take the two small braids from each side of your head and braid them all the way to the bottom.
  • Secure each braid with a mini elastic.
  • After you have two small braids, separate the crown of your hair, with those two braids included.
  • Next, you want to braid that entire section of the hair (with the two smaller braids included) and start braiding to form one larger braid.
  • Finish with hairspray if needed and pull the ends of the braids to create a fuller look.