Introduction: Thumbtack Owl Art

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Clearly I missed the Owl trend when it was in full bloom!

However, that did not stop me from creating my own Owl art piece.

It was very simple to create, here are the easy steps I took to make this project :)

Step 1: Materials

There are only a couple of things you need to create this project :)

-Canvas: I used an 8x10" one (came in a 2pack for about $4 at Walmart)

-Thumbtacks: I got this packet at the Dollar Tree store for $1 (depending on how big you piece will be you might need more of these)


-Glitter Glue: I just had to "spice it up" a bit :) I love me some glitter! Got this at Walmart as well for about $3

-Foam Brush: I already had it, but I believe I got a packet of about 4 of them for about $2 at Walmart

Step 2: *Optional*

Like I said, I love me some Glitter!! I've wondered if I should "cut it off" my live once I reach a certain age, nahhh I doubt such day will ever come :)

Anyway... this is totally optional, I just decided to add this clear Glitter Glue to my canvas to add a little sparkle to the piece. I figured it would bring a good contrast between the silver thumbtacks and the white canvas. Another possible option would be to paint the canvas a different color to make it pop more. The possibilities are infinite, customize it to your style :)

Step 3: Pin the Thumbtacks

I decided to "free-hand" the Owl design by simply looking at the reference image I got off google image search. If this seems too crazy for you, i'm sure you could trace an outline of your image on the canvas before pinning the thumbtacks.

I was quite please with how it came out :) Well that was until a friend of mine pointed out that it looked like a "plus size mini dress" lol pretty hilarious because I could totally see that after she brought it to my attention. I tried taking off some of the thumbtacks where the eyes of the owl would be, but I didn't quite like it as much. Plus-size mini dress or Owl, I like it either way :)