Tiger Night Light

Introduction: Tiger Night Light

Here's a project I just made for my friends newborn twins! Goes great with jungle themed baby rooms.

Step 1: Assembling Face

Supplies: EVA foam, 6mm craft foam, contact cement, super glue, 10 LED light set, acrylic paint, mod podge, utility knife, paint brushes, heat gun, hot glue gun, elastic band

Sketch out tiger face on paper. Cut out pattern. Trace onto EVA foam. Cut out shape. Cut out an oval slightly smaller than top out of EVA foam. Cut out mouth, eyes,nose, stripes and ears on 6mm foam. Use knife to draw mouth. Move heat gun over cuts to widen them. Use super glue to glue down pieces.

Step 2: Adding Lights

Cut a 2inch wide strip of craft foam that leaves a gap for the lights.Apply glue to both edges of strip. Use contact cement on both surfaces, let dry. Carefully press strip around oval leaving a gap at the bottom for battery pack. Put battery pack in place. Use scrap foam to use as wedges to keep battery in place, glue down foam. Poke holes with knife or awl for lights. Stick them through and put a dab of super glue to keep them in place. Put battery pack in place and measure out some elastic over it and around to the bottom. Glue down elastic with hot glue.

Step 3: Paint Tiger Face

Brush foam in a layer of Mod Podge to seal. Paint face orange, mouth and ears white, nose, stripes and eyes brown. Let dry fully then seal with Mod Podge. Apply contact cement in a line on back of tiger face, attach to bottom.

Step 4: Hanging Tiger

To hang, either drill a hole in the back the size of your screw or attach sawtooth hanger.

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