Introduction: Tight Wing Dragon

Make your own paper dragon


Origami paper
15x15 cm

Step 1: Body of Dragon

Fold sheet to make an X

Step 2: Squares

Fold it to make little squares
Fold edges into center

Step 3: Body Part 2

Unfold edges and take the bottom to lift it above
Same on the other side

Step 4: Wings

Fold one of the top sides on bottom.
Flip the paper.
Take one of the branches and fold it down.
Same on the other side.

Step 5: Body Part 3

Nearly there!
Turn your paper so you see a large diamond shape.
Take the side and fold it to the center.
Same on both sides.

Step 6: Head

Fold along the middle lengthwise.
Take the bigger end and fold it to the top, tucking in the side under the wing.
Do it again folding downwards.

Step 7: Tail

Take the smaller end and fold it downwards (as you did with the head).

You now have a TightWing Dragon!
Make more and play with them!