Introduction: Tiki Torches From Food Jars

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Usually we just throw the glass jars from food products in the recycling. We've been having quite the issues with mosquitoes at dusk and no one really like those blood suckers. I bid on a set of 4 tiki torch replacement wicks on ebay and ended up wining them for $4. After a few food products free'd up a couple jars it was time to make the tiki torches. Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Drill Lid for Nut Attachment

Remove the lid from the jars and drill a hole in the center of the lid big enough for the wick to pass through both the hold and the nut.

Step 2: Attach the Nut to the Lid

Using JB weld attach the nut to the lid centered on the hole that we drilled in the previous step. Wait the appropriate amount of time for the curing process as indicated on the packaging of the JB Weld. Once cured you can move onto the next step of installing the wick.

Step 3: Installing the Wick

Push and twist the wick into the hole and pull a small amount of wick up and out the top. You will likely need to cut a portion from the bottom of the wick so that it will fit the jar comfortably.

Step 4: Test , Looks Good

Fill with your favorite tiki torch oil. I'm using oil with citronella scent as we have mosquitoes. They throw off a considerable amount of black smoke so I'll likely cut the wick back a little. Other than that they work just fine.

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