Introduction: Tile Print Nail Art Tutorial

About: A graduate of Syracuse University with a BFA in Surface Pattern Design. My surface of choice... NAILS! I enjoy discovering simple and easy ways to dress your naked nails!
I purchased this dress from Cache for my most recent trip to Barbados and absolutely loved wearing it! Check out my fashion inspired tile print nail art.

Step 1: Paint Solid Off White Nail

I chose an off white nail and used Waltz by Essie.

Step 2: First Layer

With a striping brush paint a few irregular shaped boxes, diamonds or triangles.
Connect each shape at a corner with a thin stripe.

I used Barielle Shades: Green Apple Chew #5272
Alternative Nail Polish: Did It On ‘Em by OPI #NL N13

Step 3: Layer #2

Wait for each layer to dry and using the same method as step 1. 
Paint turquoise/blue shapes and connect each shape at a corner with a narrow line.

I used Rocky by Zoya

Alternative Nail Polish: Sally Hansen #570 Water Color

Step 4: Layers #4 & #5

Using the same method as steps 2 & 3 find a few open areas or overlap colors by painting irregular shaped squares and triangles with a medium sand nail lacquer.

I used Sand Tropez by Essie

Alternative Nail Polish: Revlon Impress #230

Layer #5: Paint a couple black triangles, diamonds, squares or rectangles using any black nail lacquer.

Step 5: Finish Your Look

Wait about 5 minutes and finish your look with your favorite Fast Dry Top Coat!

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