Introduction: Time Bomb Inspired Extra Loud Alarm Clock With JUST 5 Components

I created this easy to make Time Bomb inspired alarm clock which is guaranteed to wake you up in the mornings. I used simple materials lying around in my house. All the items used are easily available and inexpensive. This Time bomb inspired alarm clock will be easy and fun to make and will be a great project for a beginner in the robotics field.

Let's get started !


Electronic Components

-Arduino uno

- Single relay board

- Alarm Clock

- 9 V Battery with adapter to connect with arduino and a 12V power supply

- 12 V buzzer

Tools needed

- Soldering iron and some wires

-Hot glue gun(or any glue will do it)

Step 1:

1. Remove the outer covering of your alarm clock and locate the buzzer terminals & solder a jumper cable to each terminal.

Step 2:

Now, Place all the components on a rigid base ( In my case I used a wooden base I found lying around) and solder everything according to the schematics as shown in the image

Step 3:

Now, Download and upload the given code using arduino IDE and your time bomb inspired alarm clock is ready!!!

You can use your creativity and make a covering for the clock and use different shapes and colours!

Have fun making your time bomb inspired alarm clock that is guaranteed to wake you up!

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