Introduction: TinkerCAD Garden House

Hi guys!! Heres how you can make a garden house in a very easy way.

Step 1: Create a Base

Make a base With green colour and cut them in size you want to fix the pool and the house.

Step 2: Making the Tree and the Swing

For making the tree Take a cone and place another cone on it and fix a thin cylinder in the bottom for the trunk.Change the colour to green and brown.Make a copy of the tree and place it in the place you want.

For the swing use a ring and cut the sitting place accordingly as shown in figure 4. Then make use of thin cylinders and form the outer area.Check out figure 5 for clear definition.

Step 3: Making the Pool and House

Take a square adjust it in the shape of pool and fix the outer border.Take a rectangle and cut the windows and doors and different rooms as shown in figure 2. Now start making the bed, sofas, tv, and other objects inside the house .For easy making go to the hangout space and easily insert them. Edit the scenery as your wish and satisfaction. Add more items to make it wonderful. If wanted you can add extra fittings to them.


Step 4: Tutorial

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