Introduction: Tinkercad Coffee House

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This is my first tinkercad instructable and i found the experience very fun!

Step 1:

First, Make a base. This will be the place where all of the objects will sit.

Step 2:

Next, Make a building. I used a lot of glass in this building becase i wanted the the cafe to have a modern feel.

Step 3:

Time to furnish! I experimented with a lot of shapes to make this interior and also used some models from the tinkercad library.

Step 4:

Now for the sign. Make a rectangle and using the text feature, create some 3D text. Push the text into the rectangle and you have a sign. Attach it to the cafe.

Step 5:

For the exterior, Make some small grey walls around the edge of the structure. I added some built-in plant beds to the front. I also added some tree trunks and shrubs

Step 6:

For the trees themselves i used the light blue 3D star on the basic shapes menu. Strech it upwards and duplicate it, each time pulling the duplicates higher and rotating them. I ended up with the result you see in the picture above. Now, colour it green

Step 7:

Put the tree part we just made on top of the trunks. I had multiple trunks so i duplicated the tree part and changed the colour very slighly for each tree.

Step 8:

Add an outdoor seating area if you have space for one. I used the same chair and table design as i used inside the cafe.

Step 9:

And it is finished!

Thank you for reading this instructable

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Thanks again!