Introduction: Tinkercad Mini Gym

I love creating stuff on Tinkercad, and when I saw a contest and thought, Hey, I could create that on Tinkercad!, I thought it would be pretty cool. I made a mini gym with some classic equipment.

These will be perfect if kids (or adults!) have little toy figurines that like to exercise. :)



  • A tinkercad account
  • Internet access
  • A want to do this project

Step 1: A Punching Bag

The first piece of exercise equipment you will make for your mini-gym is a punching bag. Put together a cylinder and 2 half-spheres. You can make it whatever size you want. Then use the scribble tool to create a loop to put on top of the punching bag. Resize it and change the color as desired, and place on top of your punching bag. Then drag out an open arrowhead, which is on page 12 of shape generators, all. Resize it to your liking, and move it so that the closed part is attached to the loop. The top of the arrowhead would attach to the ceiling. I included pictures of the arrowhead measurements, because I changed some of them.

Step 2: A Treadmill

A treadmill is one of the classic exercise machines, right? You are going to make it! First drag out a cube and make it almost flat, maybe 4 or 5 millimeters high. Then spread it out to a rectangle shape. Then drag out a hole cube and make it more than 1 millimeter high and the same length as the rectangle. Then make the width a little bit shorter, and place it where it will cut off a strip of the rectangle. Then duplicate it and move it down about 2 millimeters. Group all three pieces. Then drag out a ring and resize it to be covering the whole cut out space on the rectangle. For the length, I had a 100 millimeter length, and I ended making the ring's length 107.50 millimeters. After that, drag out a cylinder. Resize it and place it on your treadmill so that it is sitting on top of the rectangle. Then duplicate it and move the other one over to the opposite side. Then duplicate one of then again and rotate it 90 degrees and place it over the other two. You can make it long if you want, for hand to hold on to while they are walking.

*Optional: Create a screen to attach to your treadmill by dragging out a cube, making it flatter, and placing it on top of the cross-bar.

Step 3: Weights

Next piece of equipment: weights. The weighs are pretty simple, and all you need is 2 cylinders. First, resize one of the cylinders so that it is pretty thin, but not too thin. Then rotate it 90 degrees. Make the other cylinder as large as you want, and make it about 5 millimeters thick. Then put them all together, and group them. Choose the color that you want it to be. Duplicate to make as many as you want. You could even make a rainbow!

Step 4: Long Dumbbells

This is the last piece of equipment. You will make dumbbells, and the stand that they sit on. You will also make a mat for people to lay on while doing it. First duplicate one of your weights, and ungroup it. Then make the pole as long as you want the dumbbell to be, and them move the round parts out so there is only a little bit of the pole sticking out. You can make the round parts bigger if you want.

Now you will make the stand for it. Drag out a cylinder and resize it to however thick you want it. Then duplicate it and place the new one across from the other one. Drag out a donut slice (page 8 of shape generators all) and size it so that it can easily hold your dumbbell. Then duplicate it and move it to the other pole. Put your dumbbell on top.

Now you will make the mat. Resize a cube to be about 2 millimeters high and whatever length/width you want. Then duplicate it as many times as you want for the length of the mat and change the colors. Group the mat and put it under the holder.

Step 5: Put It Together (The Last Step)

So, now you will put together your gym. Move everything onto the workplane and arrange and duplicate as you want.

You have made your gym and you can 3D print it, or just look at it, or whatever you want. ENJOY!!

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