Introduction: Tinkertoy Biplane With Instructions

This is my 1st Instructable I hope you enjoy!



4 yellow sticks

7 white sticks

1 orange stick

9 blue sticks

11 orange spacers

3 red loose connectors

2 yellow connectors

11 green connectors

2 light green swivel connectors

2 0range connectors

3 purple bendys

1 red end

2 green fans

Step 1: Build the Tail

Step 2: Build the Tail Stabilizers

Build 2 of these

Step 3: Build the Body

  1. After attaching the first red circle add 2 orange spacers,
  2. Then after you attach the second red circle add 9 more orange spacers

Step 4: Build the Wings

Step 5: Putting the Biplane Together

  1. Attach the yellow sticks from the wings onto the second and third red circles from the base. Each on their own circle with the orange 'T' piece, on the top of the wings.
  2. Then attach the short blue sticks that are hanging from the orange 'T' and connect them on the top of the second and third red wheel.
  3. Attach the tail stabilizers onto the lower back yellow sticks of the wings, sliding the yellow stick through the light green hole and reconnecting the yellow sticks onto the third red wheels. Put one tail stabilizer on each side of the bi-plane.
  4. Attach the front middle of the yellow circle on the tail onto the orange stick protruding out the bottom back of the body and attach the tail stabilizers on the sides of the the yellow circle on the bottom of the tail.