Tiny House on Wheels

Introduction: Tiny House on Wheels

I started my new tiny house project.

Step 1: Step 1: Tiny House on Wheels - Starting to Build Trailer

Tiny house on wheels - Starting to build trailer

This is my tiny house project. It is old 2 x 6,2m tractor trailer. I removed top sheet metal so I can use only frame. I have plan to weld extra 1,8m front of it and grow the length to 8m. Then I can lay 50x150 floor beams across the frame and make it at least 2,8m wide.

Next time I try to find new axle and wheels for trailer because I don't have wheels for this old axle.

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Step 2: Tiny House on Wheels Part 2 - Finding New Axle and Removing Old Wheels

Here is part 2 of my Tiny House on Wheels project.

I found a new and stronger axle for my tiny home. I try to reuse this axle with these rims. I think this axle will carry this home. I don't move this home alot and I don't need to make this for daily driving.

Step 3: Tiny House on Wheels Part 3 - Removing Old Tires Off the Rims With Manual Tools

This is that point where I'm going to remove old tires off the rims. These rims are old 4 piece rims which comprised of rim, rear flange, front flange and lock ring.

Step 4: Tiny House on Wheels Part 4 - Removing Rust From Wheels With Electrolysis | HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE

This time I'm gonna show you how I removed rust with electrolysis. It is a sheap, simple and safe way to remove rust from any objects. I used this process to restore my tiny house wheels. This method removes none of the original steel and you can do other things at the same time when process is going.

How it works.

You need some scrap metal for anodes and conductive solution. You hang your rusted tool in the solution and attach it to the negative end of the power supply. The positive end attach to the anode and turn on the power. The current travels from negative to positive through the solution and in the process flakes off the rust.

NOTE: Do not use stainless steel for the electrodes. The chrome in the stainless will leach out during the electrolysis and form hexavalent chromium compounds in your electrolyte. These are extremely bad for you.

I used Sodium carbonate (also known as washing soda, soda ash and soda crystals), Na2CO3. It is good ans sheap for that. I used ca. 0.5kg for 200l.This solution produces oxygen and hydrogen. Hydrogen will burn explosively if ignited. You can basically blow up yourself if you make this in very small room.


Step 5: ​Tiny House on Wheels Part 5 - Painting Split Rims and Tire Mounting

Tiny house on wheels part 5 - Painting split rims and tire mounting

I painted the rims and mounted tires back to split rims.

Step 6: Tiny House on Wheels Part 6 - Mounting Axle and Wheels to Trailer | Moving a Trailer to Garage

Tiny house on wheels part 6 - Mounting axle and wheels to trailer |

Moving a trailer to garage

I mounted new axle and wheels to the trailer and moved the trailer to garage so I can do some welding.

Step 7: ​Tiny House on Wheels Part 7 - Welding the Trailer Frame Extensions

Tiny house on wheels part 7 - Welding the trailer frame extensions

Here I welded the trailer frame extensions to make it 8,2m long. I welded 1m extra frame to both ends. Next I need to cut the hitch off and re weld it to new position.

Step 8: Tiny House on Wheels Part 8 - Cutting and Re-welding Tow Bar

Tiny house on wheels part 8 - Cutting and re-welding tow bar

I cut off the tow bar and welded it to new position so that the tow bar eye is higher then before. Next time I need to fabricate mounting flanges for floor beams attaching.

Step 9: Tiny House on Wheels Part 9 - Fabricating and Welding Bracing for House Attaching

Tiny house on wheels part 9 - Fabricating and welding bracing for house attaching

Step 10: Tiny House on Wheels Part 10 - Trailer Cleaned and Painted | READY!

Tiny house on wheels part 10 - Trailer cleaned and painted | READY!

Rust is removed and trailer is painted. Ready for build a house on it.

Step 11: Tiny House on Wheels Part 11 - Floor Framing and Bottom Board

Tiny house on wheels part 11 - Floor framing and bottom board

I started to build tiny house on my trailer. In this video I'm building the floor frame and adding the bottom board.

I cut the floor beams and planed these equal so I don't have dimensions problem and laid the beams on trailer. Then I added a 10mm layer of chip-board for bottom. Bottom chip-board was covered with bitumen so the moisture can't get into the chip-board later. When the bitumen was dried then I flipped the floor frame over.

Next time I'm gonna add insulation and 22mm chi-board for floor.


Step 12: ​Tiny House on Wheels Part 12 - Finishing Floor Frame, Insulating and Building the Subfloor

Tiny house on wheels part 12 - Finishing floor frame, insulating and building the subfloor.

I have finished my tiny house floor frame and insulated it. For floor base I used 22mm chip-board.

Step 13: Tiny House on Wheels Part 13 - First Floor Wall Framing

I cut the pieces for the wall framing and planed thees equal size so I can make the first floor framing.

Step 14: Tiny House on Wheels Part 14 - First Floor Wall Chip-board Mounting

Tiny house on wheels part 14 - First floor wall chip-board mounting.

I mounted the chip-board to stabilize the construction. After that I can mount the beams and frame for the loft and roof.

Step 15: Tiny House on Wheels Part 15 - Sleeping Loft Floor Joists and Walls

Tiny house on wheels part 15 - Sleeping loft area beams and walls

I made a sample of sleeping loft area height and roof profile to correct my measurements. Then I cut and planed the loft floor beams and put them in place. Third I made the loft area walls.

Step 16: Tiny House on Wheels Part 16 - Mounting Window Frames and Building One

Tiny house on wheels part 16 - Mounting window frames and making new similar window to the others for bathroom.

These windows are manufactured cottage windows. I bought these for my tiny house. All the windows are with same measurements, but I needed a smaller window for my bathroom. So I build it.

Step 17: Tiny House on Wheels Part 17 - Making Front Door and Painting Walls

Tiny house on wheels part 17 - Making front door and painting walls.

Here I'm making front door for my tiny house and painting the walls. I used the old recycled refrigerator door windows for my tiny house front door.

Step 18: Tiny House on Wheels Part 18 - Getting House Ready for Moving Out From Garage

Tiny house on wheels part 18 - Getting house ready for moving out from garage.

Getting house ready for moving out from garage because I cant build the roof inside the garage. My house will be almost 4,5m high and garage door is 4,2m high. So I have to move my house outside before I can build the roof.

Next video: How I move my house out from garage.

Step 19: Tiny House on Wheels Part 19 - Moving House Out of Garage and Starting to Build a Roof

Tiny house on wheels part 19 - Moving house out of garage and starting to build a roof

Step 20: ​Tiny House on Wheels Part 20 - Roof Building

Tiny house on wheels part 20 - Roof building

Here I'm building the tiny house roof. Mounting rafters and added a chip-board under the rafters, so I can add a insulation from top. After the insulation I added a roof undercoating, next the distance strips, roof battens and sheet metal.

Step 21: Tiny House on Wheels Part 21 - Electrical Wiring and Insulation

Tiny house on wheels part 21 - Electrical wiring and insulation

Little time-lapse video how I installed electrical wiring and insulation to my tiny house.

Step 22: Tiny House on Wheels Part 22 - Vapor Barrier Film Installation and Loft Floor OSB

I installed vapor barrier film and 18mm OSB for loft floor.

Step 23: Tiny House on Wheels Part 23 - Interior OSB Sheathing and Bathroom Wall

I installed OSB inside my house and made the bathroom wall.

Step 24: Tiny House on Wheels Part 24 | Window Trim and Laminate Flooring

Adding some window trim and installing laminate flooring into my tiny house.

Step 25: Tiny House on Wheels Part 25 | the House Is on the Move

Moving the house to another place.

Step 26: Tiny House on Wheels Part 26 | Installing Wood Stove and Chimney

Installing wood stove and chimney to my tiny house on wheels.

Step 27: Tiny House on Wheels Part 27 | OSB Interior Lacquering With White Lacquer

In this episode I masked up the floors and couch, then I lacquered all the walls and ceiling.

Step 28: Tiny House on Wheels Part 28 | Metal Wall Mounting Bracket for Air Heat Pump DIY

I'm welding wall mounting bracket for my air heat pump.

Step 29: Tiny House on Wheels Part 29 | Installing Air Heat Pump

I installed air heat pump for my tiny house. Connections made by professional installer.

Step 30: Tiny House on Wheels Part 30 | Installing Electrical Panel and Outlets

Installing electrical panel and outlets

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    This is so in-depth. I think anyone who isn't a builder would be totally out of their league if they tried to attempt this! Unless of course they are certified or have experience building on their own… Not to mention the amount of plumbing and electrical knowledge they'd have to have to set up an entire home... Wow!