Introduction: Tiny Photo Album

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In this instructable I'll show you how to make a tiny photo album for your vacation photos. It is very simple but sooo cool because you can take it anywhere with you.


  • cardboard
  • paper
  • one tiny rubber band
  • wire (I used 0.7 mm)
  • photos / printer
  • nail scissors
  • pencil and eraser
  • set-square
  • glue (liquid paper glue & glue stick)
  • needle nose pliers

Step 1: Photos

I bought normal-sized copys of my vacation photos and they came with a miniature overview (1,3 cm length per photo), but you can also just print out the photos very small by yourself.

Step 2: Book Cover

First, draw the outlines on the cardboard and cut them out. You can see the measurements on the second picture. Then fold the spine. To do that, cut a sled in the outside(not all the way through!). Subsequently paint it red and black [or any other color you want :) ]. After the paint has dried, bend the wire like in the picture. I put holes in the cardboard first. The one straight piece isn't absolutely necessary but without it the edge gets a little bit damaged.

Step 3: Arrange the Photos

The album will have nine pages so you need 108 photos. Draw squares on a piece of paper and put numbers (6 per page) on them. Now arrange the pictures like you want, but don't forget to put numbers on them too, so if you disorder them by mistake you don't have to start again.

Step 4: Bookpages

Cut out nine pieces of normal paper with a width of 3,2 and a length of 3,3 cm. I know that the numbers are a bit weird but I made this project with a normal sized album as a model and adapted the scale to the photos. Glue the pictures with a glue stick on both sides of the paper. Leave a little more space on the side that faces inside. When all pages are done stack them, take another piece of paper and glue it with liquid glue on the edge (picture). Trim off the excess. Glue the book you just created in the cover (also with liquid glue).

Step 5: Finishing

Choose one cover picture and place it on the front of the album. Print out the year and where you spent your vacation. Now the tiny photo album is finished!

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