Introduction: Tiny Potion Bottle Full of Liquid Luck

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Hello,fellow wizards!

Today I am sharing with you how to create this tiny potion bottle,filled with liquid luck.You can use it cautiously at your own risk or give it as a gift to some of your muggle friends - they won't even suspect the magic inside it.Gather your supplies and let's get brewing!


Tiny vial - you can find it at any muggle craft store

Gold glitter- it is the closest thing muggles have to magic

Tiny piece of paper - to label your potion

Larger piece of paper - to fill your potion

Distress ink


A pen

Blending tool for the ink or a sponge


Glue stick

Step 1: Get Your Potion Into the Bottle

Take the large piece of paper and make a cone from it.

Tape it so that it stays in place.

Cut the tip off and you're ready to pour your potion.

After the liquid luck is inside,close the vial.

Step 2: Distress and Label

This step is optional however it gives your potion a more mystical look.Take the distress ink pad and the blending tool.Tap the blending tool onto the pad.Gently rub the blending tool on the edges and the middle of your tiny paper.If you have parchment paper you can totally skip this step.Take your pen and write down ''Felix felicis'' so that the wizards and even the muggles know the name of the potion.

Step 3: Glue Your Label

Almost there! Now all you have to do is put some glue at the back of your label and stick it to the bottle.

Step 4: Your Potion Is Done!

Outstanding! Even professor Snape would be impressed with your potion making skills.This tiny bottle can make all of your dreams come true,but be careful what you wish for!

If you liked this project don't forget to share it with your fellow wizards.Good luck!

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