Introduction: Tiny Smart Robot With Cardboard_part_5

About: As a young kid, my curiosity in electronics was compelling.... why does thunder interrupt the radio reception? ....why does ROBOTs run without any wire?.... and I've been hooked on making thing ever since.

1) easy.

2) AA batt .

3) simple.

4) smart robot (not a model).

5) programable toy.

6) homemade.

Step 1: Material

big paper roller. *1

cardboard * 4

relay 3 v * 4

dc-motor gear * 2

BBQ stick * 1

arduino UNO(mini) * 1

D IN 4007 * 1

D IN 4148 * 5

TR 2N 3904 * 2

R 20 K OHM * 3

R 1K OHM * 6

button SW * 3

red LED * 5

yellow LED * 1

green LED * 1

AA battery * 2

battery holder * 2

breadboard * 1 (for prototype use)

screw * 4

PCB * 1

cutter * 1

soldering iron * 1

hot glue gun * 1

screw driver * 1

hand drill *1

white glue * some

Step 2: Draw Down the Footer_bot

i use a marker signature pen draw down the

footer robot and colorize on cardboard......

and pasted it on a big paper roller which

as the robot body with some white glue .

Step 3: Make the Mechanic Feet With Motor Gears

make the mechanic legs with motor gear boxes.

and make the mechanic feet with 2 cola caps.

fixed the two legs with the BBQ stick.

Step 4: Make the Head With Cardboard

1) i use one of the cardboard to cut it into PHOTO1.

2) and fold it into a box with white glue.

3) paste the colored footer_bot's head on the box.

4) make the eyes with red LED(s).

5)make the ears with small red LED(s).

Step 5: Make the Body of the Footer_bot

i paste the 2 cardboard on the big roller which have been

colored, with white glue.

and cutout three holes in order to embed the three buttons.

and paste the colored pad on each button with white glue.

and then connect the legs to the robot body.

Step 6: Coding and Controlling Circuit

the thing what i am wondering about is

the robot platform with this coding of part_5 and

merge the part_4 robot at the same time.

becomes the robot which someone is not operating

from the remoter and the arduino platform

will while handling over to " running by it's own ! "

(tiny robot platform part_6)

Step 7: Test Run

i have pressed the yellow button

and the robot walking in a circle once.

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