Introduction: Tiny Terrarium

This is very cheap gift you can make for someone, or use it as a decoration for your home :)

Step 1: You Will Need:

1. Small jar or a medium glass container (bowl)
2. Potting soil
3. Small stones
4. Cactus or succulents
5. Decoration (color stones, sand, figures)
6. Pliers (for safely removing cactus) optional

Step 2: Assemble

First put soil, about 2-4 cm. Next layer, you should put small amount of stones, only on edges, so that you make it like a circle around the soil. It should be small amount of stones, so you can plant Cactus in soil. Plant the cactus or succelent, make sure they are firm in the soil!
Layer 2, now put small amount od decorating stones/sand, around the cactus, and add any extra rocks you want. I used small white stones, and a small toy duck to make it more interesting.
You can add what ever you want and combine, so it look more original.
Enjoy :)