Introduction: Tiny Treetop Table for Dolls or Stuffed Animals

My kids and I teamed up to create a tiny little doll table from craftstore finds. Take a $4.99 box and a $2.99 plaque, attach them with Velcro tape and you've got a table. Best part is, you can store little dining toys in the box base.

Using a decorative hole punch to cut blue painters tape, we created a resist pattern to leave little leaf shapes natural while the rest of the tabletop got a nice coat of Fiddlehead green. The stain can be tinted in tons of colors and will last for many projects. So with fall coming on, you could go with a darker stain, too. Then we added to the green with additional leaves drawn in permanent marker. Last, the whole thing was sealed with a coat of polyurethane.

The completed table is a good first experience with wood-crafting for kids. Along with the instructions, we thought you'd like to go along on the shopping trip to buy all the supplies, too. That's way more fun than a mundane list. For more fun space-saving ideas, find us at

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