Tiny Wooden House on a Rock

Introduction: Tiny Wooden House on a Rock

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Hi All,

In this instructables I am going to share how to make miniature wooden house. It is tiny and super fun to make. needs a patients and time.... Main items used in this instructables was found easily. I did not buy anything....

I worked on this project every night after dinner for 2 to 3 hrs ( last 1 week ).. I certainly learnt a lot

Step 1: What Do You Need ?


  • A rock or stone : I found mine on road
  • Popsicle sticks : Mine were thinner than regular fund them at the coffee station
  • PVA glue or fevicol
  • Cutter
  • Tooth picks
  • Skewers
  • Acrylic paints etc
  • Dried bamboo twigs from my apartment garden

No power tools needed, just you imagination

Step 2: Prepare

  • Wash the rock, bamboo twigs and let them to dry
  • Glue several popsicle stick to make few thin wooden planks / sheets
  • Let the glue dry before we start the next step
  • Add supports as needed

Step 3: House

  • Cut the wood sheets as shown above
  • Glue them together
  • I used paper tape to hold them together and added a support inside to prevent it collapsing
  • Let it dry for 2 hours
  • Add details like doors, chimney and base etc

Tips :

  • You could choose a different shape for your house
  • To simplify this step, you could take a big piece of wood and shape it into a house using saw and then sticking popsicle picks for details

Step 4: Path on the Rock

  • The idea is that this rock is a hill or a island in water
  • We have a wooden path which goes around the rock
  • This path has is has moss etc
  • I started at the top and slowly added each piece
  • Added support where the popsicle stick was touching the rock
  • After every piece, you need to wait for 2hrs to dry
  • Once done paint the patch with watery green and brown

Tips :

  • If you are comfortable using super glue, this step gets done faster
  • I always end up gluing myself and making change later is difficult
  • While one piece was drying I would work on another, like painting or tree etc

Step 5: Boat

  • Take 4 to 5 pieces of popsicle sticks between 3 to 4 cm
  • Glue them together and leave them to dry
  • Once dried, use a sandpaper and cutter to give this a boat like shape
  • Leave the boa's bottom flat, so that it could stand upright without an additional support
  • Add the central mast and two sails
  • Glue them and let it to dry

Step 6: Paint Job

  • Using Acrylic paints ( I you may choose different colors)
    • Paint brown ( water wash ) to give the wooden finish
    • Paint green, let it dry
    • Now paint teal Blue, leaving some of the green to still be visible like moss
  • For the roof, i rubbed a little black paint
  • I accidentally painted the sails, so had to retouch them with whit paint


  • You could try different color scheme
  • While my looked amazing with a white background, on a darker shelve I will have to change the colors

Step 7: Detailing

  • Before we start detailing, we need to glue the house and level it
  • I added dummy supports for the house at the back and front
  • Added tress ( bamboo twigs)
  • Added few more branches by gluing more twigs

Tips :

  • Using Super glue could definitely speed up the process
  • Take a pause after every step... rest a bit and then continue

Once everything is dried, place the new tiny wooden house to display on the showcase or find a spot

Future Improvements

  • Add led lights, why ? Because I love them and will be more visible on a darker shelf
  • Add more details to Tree, fence to path and a swing

Please share your suggestion, comments and how can I improve further

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