Introduction: TinyISP -Attiny25/45/85 Programming Arduino UNO R3 Compatible Shield

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Tired of Always hooking up the jumper wires to Program your Attiny?

How About making a Easy to Program Shield for Arduino to Program your At tiny!

By this we will be able to Program our At tiny25/45/85 Easy By just hooking up your shield to arduino!

In this instructable i will be showing my Selling Version [ Pcb files also Included ] but people out there in india can buy an completed shield on ebay [ Sorry Rest of the World - As i am seller on Ebay india Only]

I Hope my Ebay Selling Get's Good. Buy it Here

So Let's Start it,

Step 1: Parts Needed

1. 6x4 cm Copper clad Board

2. 8-Pin IC Base

3. ( 2 ) 100Ohm Resistor

4. (2) Smd Leds [White, Yellow]

5. 10uf Capacitor

6. Male Pin Headers 1mm

Step 2: Etch the PCB

As i bought Ferric Chloride.

I am Able to Etch PCB's Very Fast.

I would consider it to Everybody but Hcl + Hydogen Peroxide is also a green solution to Etching Pcb's.

Remember Ferric Chloride Stains Very object in contact and always wear protective Gloves and Mask.

Step 3: Pcb File.

Here is the Pcb File. Click Here

Step 4: Add Headers

Add the Pin Headers. 1mm male headers considered

Step 5: Add 8-Pin IC Base

I Flattened out the pins. by which i could solder it on top.

Step 6: Add Resistors

Add 100 ohms Resistors on there place.

Step 7: Add SMD Led's

Add SMD Leds which i salvaged from an broken led strip.

I Have Used yellow for Error Led and White for Power

Step 8: And Lastly Add an 10uf Capacitor

Add an 10uf capacitor and apply solder on top.

Step 9: Done!

Now Attach your Shield and Start Programming!

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