Introduction: Tips Overcoming Anxiety

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Step by step Tips Overcoming Anxiety

Step 1: Definition of Anxiety

> The Essence of Anxiety
Anxiety is a kind of reaction that controls a person when he is faced with an important or dangerous event for him.

> Several Factors That Cause Anxiety, Namely:

1). Factors related to the future or bad possibilities that will come in the near future.

2). A factor in the form of something that is threatening or frightening.

3). The factor is due to the emptiness of the soul and the inability to find a place in society.

4). Factors in the form of a result of negative criticism from someone.

Step 2: 5 Steps to Dealing With Anxiety

1. Walk and Relax!
Stop working for a while if you feel tired, then take a break to get rid of that tiredness.

2. Learn The Best Way To Relax!

Learn how you stay relaxed while doing your job, at school, or when you repeat lessons.

3. Organize Office Files!

> Clear your office desk of any files other than the files you worked on today.

> Do the most important first before the important.

> When you are facing a problem, then solve the problem immediately and don't let the problem drag on.

> Try to follow the procedures and rules that apply so that your job becomes easier and your heart becomes calm doing it.

4. Update the working atmosphere!

In order to avoid tension, add anything that can make you more excited to work.

5. Remember!

Remember, that no one can not sleep except because of anxiety. So leave the anxiety, because it is a disease that is very dangerous for you.

Step 3: NOTE

"Leave Anxiety and Just Enjoy This Life" :) :) :)