Introduction: Tips for Land Travelers

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First, hello everybody.
I am a person who had experienced a 48 hours travel by car and boat, two in one trip. It's a really tiring trip, like really, and long. But if you plan it right and get the essential things with you , it would be great. A trip that will never be forgotten.

Step 1: Plan It

Plan your trip a while before it actually happens.
Make it in your mind, or make a mind map, which is really fun to make and it never ends!
If you made a mind map, circle or highlight the things that you find possible to do and write them in a separate paper.
Before sleeping or in your free time, get this paper out and order the things you wrote down in the order you think it will work well.
Make sure you won't miss the time for anything you booked!

ALWAYS have Plan B for everything in case something didn't go right.

Let's tell you an example so you can understand better.
For example, I booked a cruise in a specific date, but it goes from a different harbor than the one near me. I think... " the distance between me and the harbor I have to go is" so, I plan my time to go in order to not miss the booking.

That is a weak example. Trips like these need hard planning. Ask someone who tried ;)

Step 2: Gather Your Stuff

If you are going by car to a far place, then you can expect anything and everything. From deserted hot roads to sudden drops of water.


Most deserted places do not have any gas stations, which means no food , no water, no bathroom, and worst of all, no fuel. So , make sure you have all these things before you go.

Step 3: Relax

To avoid pressure and weakness during the trip, make sure you relax. Even if it came to stopping somewhere away from the highway and relaxing in the car itself.
Remember, this trip is by car, which means passing by many natural sceneries. So, you will have to relax to enjoy it to the.max!

One thing I did was when I got to the place of the harbor, I stayed in a hotel for a night. So, I planned that I will go earlier with one day so I can relax as much time as I want.
Also, after I arrived by the ship to the place I wanted to go from.the beginning, I had already booked 5 nights in a five stars hotel, you know, to take away all the tiredness I had during the sleepless trip.

Step 4: What If You Didn't Do This?

Well, pretty simple. You might kill yourself , sleep in the car while driving, get tired for a long long time, hate yourself and hate life. Okay this is exaggeration, but mainly, you will get really really tired instead of enjoying the nature with its beauty surrounding you everywhere.

Thank you. hope you liked it. please don't forget to vote for me in the travel contest. Thanks again :D

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