Introduction: Tips on Love

Hey guys. In this instructable you will find how to ask someone out, how to talk to him/her, and tips for your first date.

Step 1: Knowing If U Like Someone

Before I get into all the mushy love stuff, you have got to be ABSOLUTELY sure that u like this person. If u get a funny feeling in ur stomach, always excited to see them, get nervous or sweaty around them, or even if u like to stare at them a lot, these could all be signs that u like someone.

Step 2: Talking to Him/her.

This is sometimes the hardest part. Just remember to release all the tension in your body, approach him/her casually just like you would anyone else, and start a conversation. It can be about anything, but just remember to NOT get sweaty, shaky(nervous) or be just really stupid and try to impress him/her.

Step 3: The Date.

This is surprisingly very easy. You could get an idea of what he/she likes, and then wait for the right opportunity to ask him/her out. NEVER go to a movie as the first date as u will not get to know him/her very well. A good thing to do is ask him/her what he/she wants to do. Try to do something where you can get to know each other better and proceed from there.

Step 4: Break Ups.

This might be the hardest part of the relationship. Treat it like asking him/her out, and be prepared to deal with the shock.