Introduction: Tips to Protect Your Ears

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Here we introduce some tips to protect your ears. Please advise more then I can add them into the guide.

Step 1: Wearing Ear Bags in Winter

You need to wear ear bags in winter or bad weather conditions. The ear bags will protect your ears from winds and cool. Ladies like Earmuffs better.

Step 2: Use Ear Sound Amplifier When You're Old

Use ear sound amplifier when you become too old to hear it clearly. The ear sound amplifier will help you to communicated with your family and friends.

Step 3: Be Careful While Listening Music

DO NOT keep to listening music for several hours.

DO NOT use the hard ear phones like the white, most of the famous brand earphones are similar to the above white earphones.

DO use the most comfortable earphones with different sizes of earbuds. You can change the earbuds if you don't feel comfortable. The second one is the natural wooden earphones with earbuds.

Step 4: