Introduction: Tips to Reduce Electrical Noise.

All electronics are susceptible to electrical noise. Some more than others. Where does this noise come from? Nearby electronics, cables/wires acting as antennas for noisy equipment, atmospheric disturbances (thank you mother nature), the power utility and even switching on and off lights in the home.

What will electrical noise do? It can make sensitive equipment produce erroneous results, static in audio outputs, decrease your wifi signal strength and also increase electronic equipment power consumption.

Read on for a very easy, non invasive way to reduce electrical noise.

Step 1: The Ferrite Core!

Ferrite is a wonderful material to trap electromagnetic energy in the form of heat.

Snap on ferrite cores are readily available and very low cost. They come in a range of sizes and making as many loops possible in a ferrite core will give higher attenuation of electrical noise.

Step 2: Examples of My Application.

I put ferrite cores on as many cables as possible. USB, cat5e, DC power, AC power, even right below my WiFi antenna. Remember, even the shield on a coax cable will leak electrical noise into your equipment.

Simply put, a system with cables going in and out should have ferrite cores. Every little bit helps.

In my case I reduced erroneous reading from my labjack u3 which is part of my home automation system. Also the signal strength of my DIY WiFi antenna mod has become much stronger. All in all, those low cost ferrite cores have paid off. Give them a try!